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Faint Glow

A book to help children say goodbye to the ones they love - personalised with your child's name and story

Audio book to help children with grief


Saying Goodbye Is Hard

This book uses story telling to help children understand that their feelings of grief are normal. By using a familiar fictional environment, the audio book tells a story about a child like them, who is experiencing grief. It explores how the child works with a safe space and a toy to understands their feelings better and where they are able to, encourages them to talk about what they are feeling. 

Personalising the story

This book is narrated for a boy or a girl and can be downloaded as is and listened to as an mp3 on any audio device such as a phone or ipad. However to make the story really relevent, you can personalise the story in several ways. You can use the child's name or a name they like, you can even name the friendly bear that accompanies them on their grief journey.

You can use the personal grief situation, the lost of a friend, family member, pet for example. Just let me know how you want to personalise it and I'll turn around a personal version in 24 hours.

Why Me?

As well as being a professional UK voice over and actor, I am also an experienced grief counsellor, funeral celebrant and have a PhD doctorate in resillience and communication. During both my acedemic studies and research as well as my time up close and personal with grieving families, it became apparent that people sometimes struggled with how to talk about death with the children involved. There are many experts in the world of child psychology that have researched grief in children, so I decided to combine my skills of story telling with the existing and substantied expertise of others in the grief space and create a gentle approach to talking to children about death. 

By using a safe story telling space, this audio book leans into

feelings that children might have during their stages of grief

that they are not able to identify but the book lets them see

that what they are feeling can be perfectly normal. 

Working with two key experts and their books I have also provided

parents notes to the book in order that the grown ups can also

understand better what children might be feeling.

As always, this book is only part of the grief journey and it is noted

that if the parent, friend or family member feels that further help is

needed that is the best form of support.


Headshot of Dr Nicky Whichelow
Dr Nicky Whichelow (PhD)



Simply supply some basic information on the order form below and pay your amount in AUD to PayPal.

I will be in touch within 24 hours to finalise your details for personalisation or where no personalisation, confirm your expected date of file delivery.

Note : Both orders come with full parent's notes.


No personalisation - simple story. Choose from a boy or a girl. 

GBP 25.00 / AUD 35 / USD 35

The order form opens a payment link and as I'm currently in Australia AUD is shown. Simply pay in the currency and I'll waive the exchange rate.

Complete personalisation to include:

  • Child's Name

  • Loved one's name and any nicknames

  • People in the family

  • Any personal hobbies or other friends name

  • The name of the bear


GBP 50.00 / AUD 70.00 / USD 70.00

The order form opens a payment link and as I'm currently in Australia AUD is shown. Simply pay in the currency and I'll waive the exchange rate.


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